The village just recently passed a new policy about drugs and alcohol concerning village employees.

Before this policy, the village did not have a written policy around drug and alcohol use. A new policy has come into effect and will enforce penalties for employees who use drugs at the workplace.

The policy is there “to protect all employees of the village and to provide a safe and productive workplace.”

The policy is zero tolerance for any employee who uses, or is under the influence of prohibited drugs during working hours. This includes time spent on break.

The employer must not knowingly permit a person to remain at any workplace while the person’s ability to work is affected by a drug or other substance so as to endanger the person or anyone else. When the employer believes that an employee is under the influence, they are to arrange transport for the employee to leave the workplace.

The employee is required to inform the employer about any cautionary substances that may affect their behavior, judgment or ability to work. The employee must not enter or remain at the workplace if their ability to work is affected by a prohibited substance as to endanger themselves or anyone else.

If the employee is under the influence of a prohibited substance, or a cautionary substance without following the above procedure, they will receive penalties up to termination.

All illegal drugs that alter judgment are prohibited. Medical drugs, such as painkillers, are cautionary.

Certain precautions will be taken with employees under cautionary drugs, such as not allowing an employee to operate a motor vehicle while on the job.

All specifications can be found in the formal policy at

John Kenkel
RMG Student Reporter