On December 6 1989 an armed man went into classroom at l’École Polytechnique de Montréal and murdered 14 women. He ended his rampage by killing himself. He believed that it was women’s fault that he had been denied access to the school. The only reason he had killed the students, was because they were female. His senseless act of violence was the turning point in the war to end violence against women.

December 6 is not only a date to remember the lives that were lost in the Montréal massacre, but also to raise awareness about violence against women.

Violence against women happens every day, but it is a negative aspect of society that often goes ignored.

Women are assaulted physically and sexually. According to the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, there are approximately 1,397 accounts of violence against women in Canada, every day. This violence is being recognized, but everyone needs to be aware.

In Valemount on December 6, there is going to be a candlelight service at the Valemount Community Church at 6:30pm to remember the lives lost in the Montréal massacre, and to remember all women who suffer today from gender related violence.

In McBride in the Robson Valley Support Society building there will be a tea and talk from 1-3pm and a presentation at 2pm.

John Kenkel