Submitted to the Goat by
Barb Janzen

The Blueberry trail head starts just past 42km on the Holmes Forest Service Road, about 10 km east of McBride. There is a small gravel pit for parking and the signed trail head starts just past that on the road.

A porcupine ate our brake cables on the vehicle which was parked for three nights so we had no brakes on the way home.

Taking chicken wire to cage your car might be appropriate.

The horse trail follows along for approximately seven kilometres which took us about four hours with full packs and a couple of breaks. It is quite a muddy, rocky, root-covered trail with one creek ford at the forks.

Excellent camping is to be found at the horse camp just below Blueberry Lake or at the lake itself. By base camping here, you can have two wonderful days of alpine exploring by following the trails into either the Blueberry or the Moosewallow drainages. This trail is also the start of the Blueberry to Berg Lake five to six day hike.

Photos: Lorna Campbell