If you take the Old Tete Jaune Road from Blackman Road, you can discover remnants of houses from more than 100 years ago. Most of what is remaining are fireplaces made from river rocks and some wood pieces that made up the walls. To find this gem of a place follow Old Tete Jaune Road over the tracks and past the old Hauer Mill Site keep going until you go back over the tracks again. Take this road past a marsh on your right and shortly after that you will see the tracks on the right and a pullout. Park there and walk up the road about 50m until you see a trail into the woods and a small footbridge. Follow the trail and it will bring you to many old houses that were built in the early 1900s. Seen in photo: Shane Lewis and Warren Dunn pose in front of the remains of an old fireplace. /TRISH GAIR