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McBride and Valemount residents sprinted precariously to the finish line in odd-fitting heels last week. The events were organized by the Robson Valley Support Society and were meant to raise awareness on the prevention of violence against women.

Regular shoes were strewn along the sidewalk and speckled around the park as participants ditched their flats for a few inches of height.

Young boys and girls also participated in the race. In Valemount Courtney Hall-Smith won the race. She attributed her success to the borrowed pair of black wings she was wearing as part of her costume. In McBride Alexendria Nadasi won the race. There were two dozen participants in both communities with more than 50 at each event who turned out to watch and cheer on the runners.

Nancy Taylor of the Robson Valley Support Society told the crowd that she can’t even express how much things have changed in the past 20 years when it comes to recognizing women who experience violence.

“Violence against women affects us all. It also costs a lot of money. We’re so grateful that people are showing up and addressing this issue.”

Taylor says there are still gaps when it comes to services for men who use violence in their relationships.

The event was topped off with cake and a bit of time getting out of heels that were attached to feet using duct tape.