It’s been 10 years since the first Northern Outdoor Recreational and Ecotourism (NORE) certificate program class graduated in Valemount. More than a dozen graduates gathered at the home of co-ordinator Wendy Dyson and her husband Bruce Wilkinson last week for a reunion. The College of New Caledonia is cancelling the program next year, citing low student application levels. The program was also not offered in 2010/11. Two part-time operational staff positions in Valemount will be discontinued. The students and instructors who gathered spoke positively about their experiences.

In photo from left to right: Rob Bustin, Jacques Laplante, Bruce Wilkinson, Amy (Johnson) Pawliuk holding her daughter Zoe, Curtis Pawliuk, Jason Leblanc, Amanda Wilkinson, Karita Hunt, Wendy Dyson, Cora-Lee Sarasin, Bear LaManque, Sandra Craig, Kyle Roberts, Barb Janson, Erin (Smith) Beardwood. On the deck behind is Karita’s daughter, Lilja and Erin’s daughter Cadance.

By: Laura Keil