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Letter: The Great Canadian Oil Scam

October 8, 2014 The Goat 0

The public are being gouged and siphoned by the oil companies. The oil companies say it is all about supply and demand. Yes, they supply petroleum then demand ransom. Oil insiders say unison in prices […]

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Letter: Shame, Libs!

September 18, 2014 The Goat 0

Hearing the BC Liberals spin about the Education Crisis is embarrassing. Once again they are shifting the blame on to our teachers in an attempt to outrage the public. Forget the propaganda and spin, here’s […]

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Letter: American landgrabbers a dubious target

August 22, 2014 The Goat 0

I lived long enough in this valley to have witnessed several of these witchhunts. In the 1980’s it was “The Germans” who built Terracana. Some decade later “The Dutch” bought all this property. Maybe they wanted to roll the valley up and ship it to Holland. Enter “The Amercan Landgrabbers.” Pretty soon you will run out of nationalities. If you do may I suggest “The Martians.” You can blame just about anything on the Martians. […]

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