I was at the meeting in McBride and as always there were extremists on both sides but there were two things that came out.

The biologists think they can save a herd that is no longer viable by closures and throwing money at it instead of putting the effort where there is a herd and expanding it so that it spreads into the empty areas. Also they seem to think that it is the winter wolf kill that did in the herd instead of the spring calf kill. Wolves are opportunists and will find the easy hunting when they are feeding their young. There is no quick fix for the problem and throwing money at it just to look like they are doing something is just political posturing whether it be by our federal, provincial or native governments.

Most of those at the meeting would like to see the caribou back but this will take a lot of time and sound dedicated management. There is no quick fix. I watched this herd die over the last 60 years of mismanagement and we would be lucky to get it back in the next 60.

Dave Marsh,

McBride, BC