The Goat in Victoria

February 11, 2020 The Goat
By Andru McCracken Thanks to a new initiative funded by the Canadian government, the Goat will soon have a journalist based in Victoria. It is an exciting time. This journalist will focus on what provincial […]

Through a glass brightly

February 3, 2020 The Goat
By Andru McCracken This weekend marked the departure of Naomi Balla-Boudreau, McBride’s revolutionary librarian. Naomi played an integral role in moving the community’s library from a rundown leaky undersized facility to a spacious bright building […]

Gondola peril

January 30, 2020 The Goat
By Andru McCracken There is still no news on Valemount’s big resort. So what now? I keep thinking we’re lucky a developer didn’t offer to build a bomber bike park in Valemount in 2010. If […]

Community dreams

January 23, 2020 The Goat
By Andru McCracken Creating useful and valuable things out of the trees that surround us: That is who we are as a community. It’s not just a thing we have done in the past: it’s […]

Three strikes and you are out

January 15, 2020 The Goat
CN didn’t mean to crash a train at Moose Lake. It just happened. There were probably some mitigating factors that made operating a 96,000 tonne train through a mountain pass even more difficult than usual. […]

Spotting miracles

January 5, 2020 The Goat
By Andru McCracken There has been much written about gratitude and its salutary effects on people and society, that’s not what this editorial is about, instead it’s about the really important role of the third […]

It’s about to go downhill

December 15, 2019 The Goat
By Andru McCracken It’s time to take the next steps towards developing skiing in Valemount. At a recent annual general meeting of YORA more than 50 people attended. Why? On the agenda was a plan […]
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Editorial: Sleep away, serial killer

December 5, 2019 The Goat
By Andru McCracken A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a woman with an unsettling story of being stalked in Prince George. It happened two years ago and triggered a police review which has […]
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