Global Thoughts: Iran’s game

June 24, 2019 Arthur Tanga
By Gwynne Dyer The ‘evidence’ is not conclusive, but Iran probably was behind the attacks on four oil tankers in the Gulf last month and two more last Thursday.  Nobody was hurt, so what was […]

Chief swings and Blackwell ducks

June 22, 2019 Arthur Tanga
By Andru McCracken Being a leader in a small community is tough. Armchair quarterbacks are more than willing to tell small town politicians how things could be done better, especially well after the fact. At […]

Editorial: School learning

June 3, 2019 Arthur Tanga
By Andru McCracken I was a troublemaker in high school, maybe the worst kind, clever, rarely caught and almost never punished. But my favourite teacher managed to teach me a lesson that smarts to this […]

Global Thoughts: War in the Gulf?

May 20, 2019 The Goat
By Gwynne Dyer Donald Trump is well known for his desire to cut American military commitments overseas. But his attention span is short, he plays a lot of golf, and he does not have the […]
No Picture

Editorial: Pre-apocalypse blues

May 19, 2019 The Goat
by Andru McCracken I love post-apocalyptic movies. If the premise is that the human population has been wiped out and only a few unlucky souls survive and have to use their wits to eke out […]

Editorial: An appeal for justice

May 13, 2019 The Goat
by Andru McCracken, Editor I have always had a funny feeling about the assault on truck driver Alex Fraser who pulled his rig over to aid two men he thought were stranded travellers in 2010. […]

Unexpected gold and the lost chip

May 7, 2019 The Goat
By Andru McCracken When we first committed to attending the British Columbia and Yukon Community Newspaper Awards, we didn’t realize we’d be missing several important events, including Valemount’s caribou consultation meeting, a massive fundraiser for […]
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