The Real Refugee Problem

August 5, 2019 Arthur Tanga
By Gwynne Dyer The image of three-year-old Alan Kurdi, fleeing from the Syrian civil war, dead face down on a Turkish beach in 2015, triggered a wave of sympathy that ended with Germany opening its […]

Standing in the ashes of forestry

July 27, 2019 Arthur Tanga
By Andru McCracken The board of the Valemount Community Forest (also the board of the Valemount Industrial Park) have purchased a mill and have the intention of running it. It is wonderful news for our […]
Andru McCracken

A battle won, the next in view

July 20, 2019 Arthur Tanga
By Andru McCracken This week we learned that Carrier Lumber will not aerially spray broadleaf herbicide in the Robson Valley. The CEO of Carrier pointed to letters from our community as being a driver in […]

Is there a rainbow under there?

July 13, 2019 The Goat
By Andru McCracken When I moved to Valemount, I expected to walk into a small town like the ones I grew up in. People are a touch close minded, cold to newcomers, fearful of change, […]

Global Thoughts: Monsoons

July 7, 2019 Arthur Tanga
By Gwynne Dyer The monsoon rains are finally arriving in central and northern India, but they are two weeks late. It started raining in Mumbai on Monday, and it should be raining in Delhi by […]

Global Thoughts: Iran’s game

June 24, 2019 Arthur Tanga
By Gwynne Dyer The ‘evidence’ is not conclusive, but Iran probably was behind the attacks on four oil tankers in the Gulf last month and two more last Thursday.  Nobody was hurt, so what was […]
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