Thanks for doing the work on the Trans Mountain inspection order regarding housing in Valemount. I took the survey from TM this past summer, when the project was already winding down, and the Valemount Camp was never an option. Also, there were no “other” options allowed in the survey; the only options were the things TM was already doing, so not much of a survey. And of course, too little too late. 

I also laugh at TM’s response that sending an email to their [email protected] wasn’t a “data source”, and that the emails weren’t directed to them. The emails were definitely directed to them, and they were sent to [email protected] because their community relations people always said to use it, and they never gave any other option to contact them. I’m glad the CER saw through that, but still, too little too late from the CER as well. 

I’m sure TM didn’t learn a damn thing from this project, except that big companies can continue to bully their way through small communities, if they have enough money or enough backing from the government. 

Korie Marshall

Valemount resident, and non-profit member