Dear Rocky Mountain Goat

We are four tourists from Madison, Wisconsin, USA, who have been visiting Valemount for the past several days. We are truly impressed with your town and the high quality of the reporting in your newspaper! We have ready many of the articles in the 9/21 issue. We want to weigh in on the options for the design of your new town sign. All of us really love the current sign because it’s rustic and majestic and as we passed under it, we really felt like we were arriving somewhere special. In fact, we saw it from the highway and it caught our eyes so much that we turned around and came back to check it out! We feel Option #3 is too modern and “plastic” looking for a town that we think is very authentic and natural. Whatever you decide, we are impressed with the amount of public input and thoughtfulness you are clearly putting into your decision.


Mary Matthias

Jennifer Sunner

Lou Sunner

Troy Lethem