By Spencer Hall, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, RMG

After speaking with Image Sign and Lighting’s Carson Jordan at its latest meeting, Valemount Council has decided to explore a “simplified” archway design for the Village’s new entry sign.

In September, council asked Village staff to contact the company so it could adjust the archway design included in its submission package to improve pedestrian and traffic sightlines.

In a document reviewed by council in October, the company responded, saying the $161,208 cost quoted in its initial proposal was for the “pylon” designs, not for the archway, adding a design similar to the Village’s current sign would likely exceed the project’s $200,000 budget.

Council then requested a delegation from the company to obtain further information.

Pearson told Jordan a major concern for council is traffic sightlines of the Highway 16 and 5th Avenue intersection. The Village’s current entry sign has a large base that blocks the view of traffic entering and exiting the intersection.

Pearson said an archway design with no base and one post on each side, similar to the Steveston Harbor sign that was previously provided to council as an example, would likely mitigate this issue. Jordan agreed.

The Steveston Harbour sign is an example of a simplified archway sign provided to Valemount council by Image Sign and Lighting. /IMAGE SIGN & LIGHTING

“You’d be going from the existing sign [base] which is roughly 12 feet wide down to a single pole (on either side) which is 18 inches wide,” Jordan said.

While the first proposed archway design would go over budget, Jordan said the “simplified” archway design would remain within the Village’s $200,000 limit, but the cost would be on the higher side.

“There would be lots of design work, engineering, and approvals needed, as well as full removal of the existing sign and most likely a longer installation period as well,” Jordan said.

Council directed Village staff to continue to work with Image Signs and Lighting on the design and price of a simplified archway design.