Photos by Laura Keil

The Robson Valley Music Festival brought together artists and festival-goers from around the continent and the world for another epic weekend in Dunster, BC. Located on private land, the festival boasts three stages, multiple camping areas, a dozen vendors and food trucks, a beer garden and kids area.

Emery gets an inside view of a hula hoop high-rise during the Dream Dance Circus workshop in the kids area at this year’s Robson Valley Music Festival.
Mattais practices the niche art of jellyfish balloon balancing on his palm.
Keslin is a natural at the double-wide hula hoop
The access path to one of the camping areas got an upgrade with a new bridge and blacklit art corridor.
Silly of the Valley shared their musical talent at the kid’s tent.
A giant puppet made the rounds of the festival grounds, giving free high fives to brave children.
Ben Matchett wowed the crowd with his rich voice and original songs. If you missed him play, you can catch him in Valemount on Aug. 17th at the Legion. /ANDRU MCCRACKEN