By Andrea Arnold

Mayor Owen Torgerson began the meeting on April 25, 2023 by calling to order a public hearing. Village Planner Krista Etty read out the information regarding both of the applications being addressed in the hearing.

Temporary Use Permit 23-03, 1170 Canoe View Place

The request for 1170 Canoe View Place proposes a temporary residential structure for up to two years. There were no written submissions, comments from the public or council.

Temporary Use Permit 23-04, 1133 – 14th Avenue

The request for 1133 – 14th Avenue proposes the renewal of a permit for a temporary residential structure for a period of three years. There were no written submissions, comments from the public. Councillor Pete Pearson asked for clarification as the report they received said one year. Etty confirmed that it was a typo, and that it should read three years.

Mayor Torgerson adjourned the public hearing and moved to the regular council meeting.

UNBC Village of Valemount potential research partnership

Council agreed to the Village of Valemount’s participation with UNBC in the 2023 international joint initiative for research and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Reading File Items

Dog Park concerns

In the reading file there were two letters from concerned citizens regarding the shared ball diamond/dog park. The main concern addressed was the state of the park now that the snow has melted and the amount of dog poop left behind. Following discussion Council agreed to table the topic until Administration can bring a report and an agenda item back at a future meeting.

Berg Lake Trail

Councillor Pearson said that although it is nice to see Kinney Lake will be open in June, it is disappointing to see Berg Lake will be closed till 2025 as it is so much a part of Valemount summer tourism. Councillor Mulyk said that there is a lot of work to be done on the trail. That is why the timeline. They are discussing routes in the next few days, but he doesn’t think they want to say it will be done earlier because of the amount there is still to do.

Lift Station Funding

Mayor Torgerson was pleased to point out that in the press release from UBCM regarding New Investments from the Government of Canada supporting 45 local infrastructure projects across BC, the Village of Valemount received just over $3.3 million toward lift station infrastructure.

Accounts Payable

The accounts payable report covering January to March 2023 was received by Council. All expenses provided were within the current budget.

Canada Day Celebrations 

Council directed staff to request $1,500 from the Valemount Tourism Destination Marketing Organization for funding assistance with Canada Day Celebrations.

Temporary Use Permit 23-03, 1170 Canoe View Place

Council approved Temporary Use Permit 23-02 for 1170 Canoe View Place, proposing a temporary residential structure for up to two years.

Temporary Use Permit 23-04, 1133 – 14th Avenue

Council approved Temporary Use Permit 23-04 (a renewal of TUP-21-04) for 1133 14th Avenue, proposing the renewal of the Temporary Use Permit for a period of three years.

Travel allowance policy

Council approved Travel Allowance Policy No. 38 as amended. The items that have changed are: air travel is an option if it saves time or money compared to other methods of travel, additional charges for guests are not eligible for reimbursement, $50 provided for a stay in a private residence, and Per Diem is considered taxable income and will be added to the T4 issued at year end.

Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 871, 2023

Council gave the Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 871, 2023 third reading. A few small amendments have been made to the budget, including the addition of previously approved

projects/purchases, VIC/museum revenues and expenses, received requisition amounts, etc.

Reserve Fund Amendment Bylaw No 873, 2023

Council gave Reserve Fund Amendment Bylaw No 873, 2023, first, second and reading. This was a requirement for communities receiving the Growing Communities Fund.

Anti-Idling Bylaw

Amendments to Anti-Idling Bylaw to allow enforcement through Bylaw Notice Enforcement/Dispute Adjudication.

Council adopted Anti-idling Amendment Bylaw No. 874, 2023, as presented.

Council adopted Bylaw Notice Enforcement and Dispute Adjudication Amendment Bylaw No. 875, 2023, as presented.

Council adopted Municipal Ticket Information Amendment Bylaw No. 876, 2023 as presented. 

Councillor Blanchette commented that there is no need to idle right now. It isn’t hot or cold. You do not need to idle at the grocery store, she said.

“Everywhere I go these huge trucks and cars are idling, and there is no reason for it. If there are no kids in the car or pets in the car, please stop idling. I’m tired of breathing that air in, so is everyone else who breathes.”

Tax Rate Bylaw No 877, 2023

Council gave Tax Rate Bylaw No 877, 2023, first, second and third reading. This rates in this bylaw are calculated using figures from the 2023 Five Year Financial Plan, District of Fraser Fort

George and Fraser Fort George Regional Hospital District Requisitions and the BC Assessment Roll totals. The bylaw must be passed before May 15th of each year.

Public Comment

Rashmi Narayan said it is exciting news to hear that the lift station is being funded. It impacts the lift station for the new seniors centre, in a way. Also, she commented that from reading reports, she knows how many grants the village writes for. People who complain about taxes should also know what percentage grants provide.


Council proceeded to an in-camera meeting for consideration of one item per Section 90 (1)(k) of the Community Charter to discuss matters related to negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.