Taken Friday evening as the flames worked their way across the mountain. /SUBMITTED BY Mandii Mae Kjos

On the McBride fire of May 2023
A song by Rod Reimer written May 6th 2023

And the fire raged on the mountainside
Many lay in the path of the flames
But their houses were all spared, there in McBride
And a miracle, it surely came
Overhead, the Northern Lights in the sky
Danced in contrast to the orange, eerie glow
‘Beauty and the Beast,’ right before our eyes
Mother Nature putting on quite a show

And the fire still burns on the mountainside
We’re all wondering which way the wind will shift
There may be more evacuations, the situation in McBride
The thick, black clouds, which way will they drift
As bad as it is, it could’ve been much worse
Could have burned up everyone’s homes and dreams
Always think of the things to be thankful for, first
Before trying to figure out what it means

And the fire, still burning on the mountainside
We’re here watching it, on the evening news
Not the newsmaker, anyone wanted in McBride
So much left but so much more left to lose
Clouds are gathering, it’s happening, it’s starting to rain
Filling everyone’s hearts with good cheer
Another answer to everyone’s prayers, again
For a quick end to this fire, here
O Lord, quickly end this fire, here