By Laura Keil

Last week had many people scratching their heads about where the Goat was after it didn’t show up on stands or mailboxes last Thursday. This included the Goat staff who knew it would be late but assumed it would show up Friday morning. In the end, it didn’t arrive until Friday night, which meant a Saturday delivery for most stores. The trouble started when we missed our print deadline Tuesday morning, which hasn’t happened in recent memory. It is a rare occurrence, but this week was an unusual one with our graphic designer out of the country. Our newspaper is printed with International WebExpress in Port Coquitlam, and they ship it on a truck each week. But instead of taking its usual route via Kamloops, our newspaper hopped on a truck heading for Calgary and decided it would be great to skip its transfer in Kamloops and head straight for Cow Town to hang out with some cowboys. Eventually it was kicked back to Kamloops, where the husband of the Goat’s Publisher drove there from Valemount to pick it up. Sadly, by the time it was back in the Robson Valley, most stores, including the post offices, were closed. For Valemount subscribers that meant a Saturday delivery, for McBride and Dunster subscribers it meant a Monday delivery. We apologize for this delay and to everyone who was inconvenienced. We appreciated how many people were asking where the paper was. While it was tough to answer, it’s certainly a good sign that so many people missed it.