Valemount’s IGA has managed to get shipments of fresh produce and some breads through Alberta, but its dairy section has been sparse for days. An IGA spokesperson says they are hoping for a dairy shipment on Friday. /LAURA KEIL

By Laura Keil

After torrential rain last weekend triggered landslides on all highways into the Lower Mainland last week closing them off, grocery chains have been working overtime to source alternate delivery options for the rest of the province.
Valemount’s IGA receives most of its shipments from the Lower Mainland.

Mark McCurdy, VP Retail Operations and Brand Strategy for Georgia Main Food Group that owns Valemount IGA, told the Goat they were able to source some groceries from both Vancouver (when the highway briefly opened) and Alberta. But dairy, bread and eggs have been limited. Those he is hoping will arrive by Friday Nov. 26th.

“Deliveries have been difficult to say the least,” McCurdy told the Goat Tues. Nov 23rd.

“All produce deliveries have been a combination of deliveries from Vancouver and Alberta.”

Last week he told the Goat that IGA, along with every other major grocery chain, was turning to Alberta for substitute deliveries while the highways were closed, but even that wasn’t guaranteed.

“It’s a difficult one when other companies aren’t ready for you,” he said. ”We go to them and they’ve got the product but then they can’t get the trucks to deliver them.” He said it doesn’t help that other grocery chains are all trying to do the same.

“We’d like to thank the support of our staff as they are working under difficult circumstances,” McCurdy said. “Thanks to the community for their continued support and understanding of the situation.”

Fresh meat products were delivered last Friday and McCurdy said they are hoping those last until this Friday’s shipment. Dry goods have been coming out of Alberta since Monday’s slide on Hwy 3.

“We’re working hard at it,” he said. “It’s a major upheaval and a serious situation for everybody but we’re trying to do our best.”

McBride’s AG Foods already receives their shipments from Alberta.