The Valemount Ski Society won’t be operating their proposed handle-tow lift community ski hill this winter, but is hoping to secure a bridge to access the base of the slope from either Trans Mountain or the Valemount Area Recreation Development Association (VARDA) in the near future. “If Trans Mountain gives us the bridge, that’s the bridge we want,” says Ski Society board member Sherri Malone. “It was looking pretty great but now it’s looking like I don’t know.” A back-up plan would be to secure a used bridge from the Crystal Ridge sled-ski area operated by VARDA. Malone says for this winter the four ski runs harvested last year will be for ski-touring purposes only, and the lift won’t be running. “And if Valemount Glacier Destinations happens and moves forward, then basically we’re not in business anymore.” Malone says it’s pretty sweet to have access to the runs for ski touring this year. “Then next year either Valemount Glacier Destinations will be up and working with construction or we will then be putting in the bridge and the rope tow.” /LAURA KEIL