By Andrea Arnold

The July 26, 2022 McBride Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Gene Runtz at 7:03pm.

Lemonade Sale

Council approved a street closure request from the Chamber of Commerce made through Gina Gallacher. The request is for main street to be closed from 1st Ave to 2nd Ave for a fundraiser event. The event, a “Downtown Lemonade Sale,” consists of three parts. The Main Street businesses will be invited to participate in a sidewalk sale, an actual lemonade stand, and a trunk sale – a centralized garage sale where participants sell out of the trunks of their car, the back of their truck, or a table rented from the Chamber .  The proposal states that Josh’s Place will receive money raised from the lemonade stand and the Chamber will retain money raised through renting out spots for the trunk sale. The Chamber will rent out spots to pe sople to sell from their trunk, or table. 

Sharing emergency contact information

Council received an email from Jenifer Norwell, CBC Radio Kamloops regarding emergency contact information. They requested Mayor Runtz’s best after hours contact information to be used if needed during an emergency situation. Council agreed that it was important to provide them with CAO Tupy’s contact information as well.

Meeting with Official Opposition

Council directed administration to schedule a meeting with Members of the Official Opposition on September 15, 2022 during the round table events at the 2022 Union of BC Municipalities Convention. Councillor Rosemary Hruby will talk to MLA Shirley Bond and find out if she recommends they try to meet with Kevin Falcon at a separate time as well.

Spray Park support

Council received a letter from Joseph and Tanya Rich declaring their support for a splash park. They stated that their family feels this is a good way to honour their son, Jediah, who passed away a little over a year ago. Their business, Rich Boys Mechanical Ltd, would like to contribute a substantial amount of money toward the project as well as work with those heading up the project to help fundraise and find grant money. They also proposed that they could memorialize him through the naming of the park.

Zoning Bylaw Amendment

Council passed a motion to give final reading and adoption to Zoning Bylaw Amendment No. 

810,2022. The amended bylaw includes the following items:

1) The addition of “Hotel” to the list of permitted uses in the “Highway Commercial (C2) Zone.”

2) Adding “Light Industry” as a permitted use at 275 McBride Road South.

3) Amended definition of “Retail” to permit bulk sales.

4) Reducing the maximum building height of a Residential-Multi-Family Building from 12m to 10.4m.

2022 UBCM Attendance

Council confirmed the attendance of Councillors Lucille Green, Allan Frederick, and Diane Smith, as well as CAO Chris Tupy to the 2022 UBCM Convention, September 12 -16, 2022 in Whistler BC. Councillor Hruby will confirm by the end of the week.

Disaster Risk Reduction-Climate Adaptation Program

Council directed staff to prepare a grant application and cost estimates for a Fraser River, Dominion Creek and Shelby Creek Flood Risk Mapping, Assessment and Mitigation Strategy Project for Council’s review at a future meeting prior to submission to the UBCM Disaster Risk Reduction-Climate Adaptation Program by September 30, 2022.

Council was adjourned at 7:35 pm with no in-camera portion.