The nomination period for local elections begins August 30th, ending Sept 9th, with general voting day October 15th. Residents will have the chance to vote for a Regional District Rep, local councils (if a resident of a municipality), and school district trustees.

While many brave residents will put their names forward for the ballot, many more will ponder who to vote for. It’s important to consider what our priorities are as a community. What challenges do we face together? What things are most important to us as a whole, the tide that lifts all boats?

Tourism, well-paying jobs, affordable housing, seniors housing, recreation, childcare, food security, a cleaner environment and better rural health services are some of the top concerns and/or areas of opportunity in my opinion.

It’s easy to think that things are being taken care of by other people, or that it’s somebody else’s job. But one of the marvelous things about small communities (and large ones too), is that anyone can be a leader. We can all lead the charge on an issue or increase awareness on a topic.

What will your voice bring to the table? Whether it be by private conversation to a councillor or the newspaper, a letter to the editor, posting online, hosting an event, or furthering your education on a topic, everyone can help inform the discussion of our communities’ futures. The beginning of a political term is a great time to shape the priorities of the coming years.