People have surgery on all parts of their bodies without others bothering them about “morals” … yet the moment anyone wants to change his or her sexual organs, as in transgender, many people in religion preach that a god created male and female “only.”

If you believe that a god created human bodies as he wanted them to stay, then you better not circumcise the penises of your sons. You better not have breast implants. You better not have growths removed. You better not have “any” type of cosmetic surgery whatsoever. You better not have treatment for diseases of any sort. After all, the god’s plan should not be messed with, lest he becomes annoyed with the tampering of the perfection he is certain he created.

Once a person starts using religion to preach at others concerning what is moral, and what is immoral (according to a god) … that person can end up in big trouble, not only with others, but also, ultimately … with one’s own conscience.

From the book, The Final Inequality, by L. J. Ludovici. “Morals at any given moment have always been as good, or as bad, as our imaginations credit them, for the morals (from the Latin, mores: customs) means simply customs, and they keep changing all the time in all the corners of the world.”

June Vandermark

McBride, BC