Emil Anderson Maintenance crews worked to install concrete barriers at the top of the first hill on Dore River road, approximately 1km from the highway. The goal is to create a catchment area to collect rocks and debris that fall from the sharp slope and bounce onto the road creating a hazard. Seasonal freeze/thaw cycles have caused land to shift and the recent levels of rain have loosened earth and rocks resulting in the need for the installation. /SUBMITTED
Emil Anderson Maintenance Operations Manager Brock Macguire said the new culvert that was installed on Horseshoe Lake road is a 900mm culvert, twice the size of the one being removed. During the high water seasons of the past two years, the water flowing across the road and through the culvert has moved dirt, causing sinkholes to form. The new culvert will allow for more water to flow under the road. “It will not prevent the road from flooding when the water gets high,” said Macguire. “It will prevent road material from being removed during flood season, preserving the road.” /ANDREA ARNOLD