I noted in the Dec 2nd issue of the Goat that Telus has updated to 5G in Valemount.  I went searching and found a map that shows 5G towers in most of the small communities up and down the highway.  Who made the decision to put 5G in Valemount? Was there any public discussion? Did I miss it?

Dr Thomas Cowan noted that about the same time as the “COVID” outbreaks in Wuhan, New York, and Northern Italy, 5G was rolled out in all those cities. Is there some correlation? I read that Brussels, Belgium stopped 5G roll out because of concerns about negative health effects. 

5G is a very short wave that is not natural to earth and has been shown to affect humans, plants, animals, and insects. Are we more susceptible to illness because of compromised immune systems?

Are we weighing the pros and cons of what faster internet speeds are costing, and who is making the decisions? Is money and convenience taking priority over health? Are we as a community even aware that there are issues and may be a cost?

Laurel Mckirdy

Valemount, BC