By Laura Keil

The Village of McBride has confirmed its first case of COVID-19. In a news release Friday Nov. 6th, the Village said the person involved is in self-isolation and contact tracing is taking place.

“There is no cause for alarm, however, this is a good time to remind all of us to remain diligent with Covid procotols,” the release reads, in part. “Wash your hands, keep your distance (minimum 2 metres), wear a mask, keep gatherings to your ‘safe six,’ preferably outdoors.”

The Village took the unusual step of revealing a case in the community, as the Province’s policy is not to reveal exact locations of cases. Some have criticized the no-reveal policy as putting smaller communities at greater risk for contracting the disease.

The Village says its bylaw information officers have been assessing the Village’s preparedness for a second wave of COVID-19 in conjunction with snowmobile season which usually attracts many Albertan tourists. The Village says it is developing a “Recommended Best Practices” document together with Northern Health.

There are currently 39 reported active cases in the Northern Health region. As of Saturday Nov. 7th there were no outbreaks reported at any Northern Health facilities in the Robson Valley.

Stay tuned to the Goat for further updates.