It’s ok to write to the paper and to express your concerns, but if you write to disagree with someone else have their letter in front of you so you get what they said right eh. Ms Vandermark in her letter said, “the scientific meaning of the word, ‘spirit,’ in Latin simply meant ‘to breathe.’ Jesus Christ would agree with her: “A spirit,” he said after His rising from the well guarded tomb, “does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have,” —Gospel of Luke Chapter 24 the last part of verse 39. Without lungs, “God breathed” is a metaphor for God created. Ok? Belief in God is a hope that there is someone out there more caring and smarter than us humans. We look for acceptance. Í’ve let friends down and messed up a lot. There are lots of really good ethical and decent atheists like my mom’s step-father out there. Jesus’ talk with Nicodemus in John’s gospel chapter 3 said “you must be born again”—another metaphor.

Glen Allison (Old Grouch)
Valemount, BC