In response to a recent letter to the Editor saying modern spirituality based on what modern theologians claim the Bible teaches about God and hell fire is flawed. I would have to agree. This teaching has turned more people against God than anything else.

By the way, there are a number of other modern teachings that are not supported by Scriptures as well.

I don’t profess to be a theologian, so who am I to question them. But in my study of God’s Word I have found a totally different picture. In describing hell fire and the fate of the wicked, I find words such as “the wages of sin is death, burned up like chaff, perish, devoured, burned up, turned to ashes, consumed into smoke. Hell fire is not burning now and won’t be until after the millennium when Christ cleanses the earth of sin and sinners and recreates it. We are told that Christ brings the rewards when He comes. Also, does forever always mean without end? Jonah said a three day deep sea excursion in the belly of the great fish was forever. Hannah gave her child Samuel to the sanctuary service forever. Of course that was as long as he lived.

The mess we are in started way back in time when God’s highest angel, Lucifer became jealous of the worship God was receiving. He rebelled and said he had a better plan of government than God’s Ten Commandment Law, which in reality forms the basis for all civil governments on earth. It’s for our protection and good. He still wants worship and will soon arrange to have it legislated worldwide, farfetched? wait and see. Needless to say, he and a third of the angels who sympathized with him were expelled from heaven. Out of all the worlds, Lucifer, now called Satan, managed to find on planet earth someone who believed him and so this terrible experiment with sin began here.

God loves humanity with an everlasting love and is not willing that any should perish. God, the Father and the Son, being “all knowing,” had foreseen this rebellion, and had formed a plan in which Jesus the Son would come down to this rebel planet, unite His Divinity with humanity and take on Satan on his own turf. For 33 ½ years He weathered the storm of Satan’s abuse and through a life of unselfish service and love revealed the truth about God’s character to humanity and the universe. With the most painful and shameful death on Calvary’s cross, He paid the penalty for everyone’s sin who will come to Him asking for forgiveness. He arose from Joseph’s tomb on the third day, went back to heaven a few days later to begin the final judgement of everyone who has ever professed to be His follower. When that is finished He will immediately prepare to return, we believe soon, to rescue His followers and end this reign of sin with all its horrors.

As well as pardon for our sins, God promises to write His law in our hearts and through the promised gift of God, the Holy Spirit, He will enable us to live “the abundant life in Him”. As well as pardon, He promises to write His law in our heart and through the promised gift of God, The Holy Spirit enables us to live “the abundant life” in Him. What more could He do to show His love for us.

Personally, I have found Him to be a dependable Friend. His providence and protection over the years have been amazing. He has brought peace and joy, meaning and fulfillment to my life.

Don Gordon,
McBride, BC