By Laura Keil

VALE coffee, Valemount’s local roastery and coffee bar, is getting ready to expand to a satellite location—at the Valemount bike park.

The plan is to set up in the lower parking lot on 5-Mile Road, says Megan Vincente, a co-owner of VALE. They’ll serve fresh coffee and ready-made treats out of the back of a tow-behind white trailer, which they hope to soon brand with their logo.

Since the location involves Crown Land, a Rec Site and it’s in the Regional District, they need approval from three levels of government, Vincente says.

“The last piece is to get that Temporary Use Permit from the Regional District since the property is technically zoned residential,” she says.

The proposed Temporary Use Permit comes to the Regional District at their May 20th meeting. The public can comment on the proposal until May 7th by emailing [email protected] or sending by mail or fax. If approved, the Temporary Use Permit is valid for three years and can be renewed one more time.

If the Temporary Use Permit comes through, Vincente says they expect to be in operation by June. They already have their Food Safety Permit.

Vincente says they will likely be open Friday-Sunday, but they aren’t sure yet about exact hours.