Five Mile Road—a road used frequently by Valemount Bike Park users and hikers—is closed at 3 km due to a large slump that occurred last week. The Valemount Community Forest warns people to be aware this section of road is still active with land mass movement and that the road is closed past 3km to all traffic. “It’s kind of serious,” said VCF Manager Craig Pryor. “This isn’t surface water coming and sloughing it away—this comes from deep underground.” Pryor says they are going to hire a geo-technical advisor to assess the slope before conducting a repair. He says they’ll repair the road once slide activity lessens and the frost has come out of the road. Pryor says he’s heard of other roads slumping around the province too, likely due to very wet weather the last couple of years. “There’s too much moisture in the ground; it’s letting loose now.” /PHOTO VCF