Simon Coates is the lucky winner of a $350 prize from the Goat for exchanging a wood stove for a pellet stove in the Village of Valemount’s wood stove exchange program this past year. The Goat will be offering another $350 for a lucky person who switches away from a standard wood stove to a pellet stove, heat pump or propane appliance during the 2021 year. Coates said the program covered most of his costs and was a win-win for his in-town rental house, partly for the peace of mind it provided him as a landlord not having to worry about something going wrong with the wood-burning appliance. The wood stove exchange provides up to $2,630 if a resident replaces their woodstove with a pellet stove, propane appliance or electric heat pump and up to $1380 if they replace it with a certified wood stove. To learn more contact the Village. /LAURA KEIL