Janet Brook-Otoole was the first long-term care resident at the McBride and District Hospital to receive her immunization on Wednesday January 27, 2021. The vaccine was administered by Susan Umstot, primary care nurse. The vaccine was drawn up by Krista Cunningham, Program Lead.
McBride and District Hospital received its first doses of the (Pfizer) COVID-19 vaccine, and held its first vaccination clinics for both long-term care residents and staff. Additional immunizations clinics for staff, including paramedics, continued throughout the week.
“We are constrained at this time by how much vaccine we’ve received, but we’re optimistic and focused on making sure we protect those most at risk in our communities, as quickly as we can,” said Eryn Collins, spokesperson for Northern Health. “The limited supply of vaccines has required some adjustments to the scheduling of vaccine clinics in the region. We are working to make sure all long-term care and assisted-living facilities and staff, and health care workers in Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Unit, and COVID-19 units are immunized with the remaining vaccine available.”/ PHOTO Krista Cunningham.