At latest count three Federal and Provincial politicians have felt free to flout the Covid rules of their area and sail off to foreign places for Christmas.
One Albertan used the fool proof excuse that going to Hawaii for Christmas was a tradition in her family. Well, good for her. Many of us have a tradition of travelling to visit family and loved ones at Christmas. But we didn’t go, did we? No, we here on the bottom of the heap are trying our best to be good and responsible citizens, while those who claim to rule for the benefit of us all, and who actually make those rules, just traipse off whenever it suits them.
Immediate resignation of both their portfolios and their seats in the various governments should be the price they pay for their arrogance. However, if we followed that to its logical conclusion we would be stripping Federal and Provincial governments of all their elected members, for I am sure even a mild investigation would reveal most of those who claim to be working for us have been carelessly indulging themselves.
There’s not much point, and a definite unfairness. in fining those who throw parties or organize demonstrations and parades, or go without masks, when our paid employees in politics break every rule every chance they get. And many members of the public will begin to wonder why they should bother trying.
That will be the end result of all this sneaking off and thinking some insincere apology makes everything all right.

Dorothy Simpson
McBride, B.C.