By Andru McCracken

On Wednesday, October 16, the Village of McBride hosted the McBride Community Forest Corporation’s (MCFC) annual general meeting and about 40 people attended.

Acting mayor Allan Frederick chaired the meeting for mayor Eugene Runtz. Frederick said that Runtz recused himself (did not attend) because he was in conflict. While Runtz is no longer the general manager of the community forest he still works for them on a contractual basis.

During the question period following the annual general meeting a question was asked how Runtz’s conflict was different from the conflict of interest that MCFC directors had as customers or contractors.

Chief Administrative Officer Sheila McCutcheon provided the response.

“There are requirements under the Community Charter to declare his conflict, or else he will be disqualified from office,” said McCutcheon.

She said Runtz has been diligent about recusing himself in all matters.

The board meeting was about a half hour long, and questions were held until after the AGM.

Chair Joseph Rich asked for questions about his report, interim general manager Shaughnessy Clausen presented his report.

The village received the year end financial report showing a profit of $264,388 and appointed the same auditor, KPMG for the next year.

Chair Joseph Rich was appointed for the second year of a two year term. Warren McLennan was reappointed to the board for a one year term, Gerry Smith was appointed for the first year of a two year term. Council appointed

Harold Edwards to the board for the first year of a two year term.

The fifth position continues to be held by council member Lucille Green. Council stated their intention to increase the number of directors to seven from five in the coming year.

Then they adjourned and held a written question and answer period.