By Andru McCracken

Against the odds, Stuart McKirdy is alive.

McKirdy was found in an alley behind Cranberry Place, his body black and blue and his face unrecognizable on July 10th. Police attended the scene and an investigation is underway.

Stuart McKirdy is conscious, online and reaching out to his friends in Valemount after a life and death ordeal.

McKirdy has no memory of what happened to him.

“I don’t have a clue. I woke up dead,” he said.

McKirdy said he was resuscitated three times, a claim backed up by officials.

“I guess I died three times,” he said.

McKirdy believes he was intentionally beaten and left for dead, but has no memory of a fight or altercation.

What we know for sure is that McKirdy was in a terrible accident in the weeks before.

He was passing another vehicle around a corner and he flipped his van upside down in the middle of the road. He did not go to the hospital after the incident. He said he’s walked away from worse.

Days later he was found in an alley in Cranberry Place by his brother and a neighbour and shipped to the hospital.

“It was about a week, week and a half before I even realized I was in a hospital,” he said.

He has had a number of skin grafts done and has been on dialysis for kidney failure.

He said it will be some time before he can come home.

“It will be another 2 weeks. I can lift my left leg, but I can’t sit up,” he said.

McKirdy is a year away from retiring.

When asked what has kept him alive, he was quick to answer:

“I’ve got five grandchildren. Thank god for my mom and my brothers and sisters,” he said.

“I’m alive and kicking, and I’ll be back.”