By Trish Dunn

Maddisyn swept the prizes in the 13-15yr old category for largest rainbow 4.91lbs, largest kokanee, and grande aggregate. The 39th annual family fishing derby was held at the Kinabasket Lake Marina September 5&6 2020.

The 39th Annual Family Fishing Derby was held at the Kinbasket Lake Marina September 5 and 6th. Maddisyn Smith won a bevy of prizes including the 13-15 year old category for Largest Rainbow at 4.91lbs, the Largest Kokanee .45lbs, and Grand Aggregate 13.38lbs.

  • Aaron Dyck won in the coarse fish category with a fish weighing 1.88lbs.
  • Youngest Fisher Boy went to Shane Lewis 3 years old with a Kokanee weighing .38lbs.
  • Youngest Fishing Girl went to Myla Ryder 16 months with a Rainbow Trout weighing .96lbs.
  • In the 6 years and under category Nora Fox won for Largest Rainbow at 2.25lbs.
  • Largest Kokanee went to Shane Lewis at .38lbs.
  • Grand Aggregate went to Nora Fox 2.25lbs.
  • 7 to 12 years old category winners are Mica Pelletier Largest Rainbow 2.85lbs.
  • Largest Kokanee Jaycee Towers .32lbs.
  • Grand Aggregate Mica Pelletier 8.52lbs.
  • Ladies Largest Rainbow went to Courtney Lewis 1.84lbs.
  • Grand Aggregate Erika Dewey 5.84lbs.
  • Men’s Largest Rainbow Tad Dennis 3.77lbs.
  • Largest Kokanee was a Tie between Keven Baggett and Fitz Plamondon .54lbs.
  • Grand Aggregate is Ron Hunchuk 5.00lbs.
  • Hidden weight was won by Erica Dewey with a fish weighing 1.78lbs.
  • Overall winners were Largest Rainbow Maddisyn Smith 4.91lbs.
  • Largest Kokanee Keven Baggett and Fitz Plamondon at .54lbs.
  • Grand Aggregate Maddisyn Smith 13.38lbs.

Congratulations to all the winners.

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