By Andru McCracken

The Village of Valemount held its regularly scheduled meeting on June 23 online.

Council moved to take action to comply with a new ministerial order to have public meetings.

The meetings will be streamed live on YouTube, agendas and minutes will be available online and public comments will be accepted by email up to 3 pm on the day of the meeting and read aloud.

There were no public comments.

Public Arts selection committee
No one has responded to a call for applications to be on the Public Art Selection Committee. When finalizing the terms of reference, council made it clear that they would not necessarily follow the recommendation of the selection committee. Councilor Hollie Blanchette spelled it out by adding the following text:

“The committee will provide feedback and recommendations to the council of Valemount with the understanding that council may alter recommendations.”

Blanchette said there may be interest in the committee when there is an art project to consider.

CBT – More money
Columbia Basin Trust has renewed the Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs for the 2021/22 year. The term of the five year commitment had run out, the renewal is for just one year. The grant funding for this year will be $261,950.

Current projects
Council received a list of more than 30 extraordinary projects underway by staff in addition to their usual duties.

Bulk Water and Septage receiving stations
Staff disclosed plans for a bulk water fill station near the public works yard on Gorse Street as well as a Septage receiving station on Ash. The stations will be paid for by the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Automatic doors
Council will install an automated exterior door at the community services building.

Infrastructure planning grant
Council will contribute $5000 to an infrastructure planning grant from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to upgrade the Village’s automation systems.

New housing
Council gave approval to a Development Variance Permit to the Valemount Affordable Rental Society varying the parking spaces from 29 to 23 at 1295 Gordon Road.

Official Community Plan representative
Councilor Donnie Maclean volunteered to be council’s representative on the committee.

News Release on Phase 3 re-opening
“Valemount is open to receive visitors,” is the message featured in the council’s BC Restart Plan.

Council Reports
Mayor Owen Torgerson said he has had two meetings with Trans Mountain’s senior procurement team, and found that they have hired a local inclusion specialist for our area. “…in the hopes we can see more local hires on the project and therefore more local benefit to the community,” he said.

In Camera
Council considered two in camera items related to employee relations.