Dear Editor,
Gwynne Dyer’s article, entitled Global Thoughts: What Coronavirus teaches us about climate change (June 4th, 2020) was based on false premises from start to finish. He concludes in his final two paragraphs that “We don’t need to start geoengineering now. It would be wonderful if we never have to do it, but that would take a miracle. [….] we clearly need to speed up research and testing of the various potential techniques for geoengineering now.”
Surely Gwynne Dyer has looked up into the sky and is not so blind that he has missed seeing the chemtrails. They have been spraying us like insects for a long time already. Surely he knows about HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Yes, that has the word “research” in it, but after a couple of decades of “researching” on live targets, when does it lose its masquerade of just “research?”
They have been actively geoengineering through the use of HAARP and chemtrails since decades. Governments are even starting to admit to the spraying as they are getting caught in their own lies.
It is a good piece of predictive programming by Gwynne Dyer to pretend that it is not happening now but should happen in the future. If we express concern about what we see right before our eyes, the predictable response by government will be that “we need to save the planet.” By advocating the future use of geoengineering while denying that it is already happening, Gwynne Dyer demonstrates that he needs to so some real research rather than just feed us the storyline of what the Globalists want us to believe.

Monika Schaefer
McBride, BC