The Goat invited local students to submit poems on the topic of COVID-19, social distancing or spring.


Brightness of Spring
By Kestrel R.

New life colors
Everywhere I see!
What great sights
Living in the Robson Vlley.
Is the brightness of spring
For us to
Enjoy, like bunnys hopping in the meadow?

Art by Autumn D.

Yummy tea
By Autumn D

There was a tree
Who fed a bee
They lived in the wods
That had all the goods
To make yummy Tea

A Poem Thingy
By Alex M.

Once when paper was needed with rigor
That I had spent with such vigor
Tis a desperate attempt
To keep myself kempt
I should have probably bought a bidet

Well we’re stuck at home,
But there is a good side here
Nature’s doing great.