By Andru McCracken

Every day, Elke Vogelpohl takes a walk near her property in Tete Jaune and every day she picks up a load of garbage.

“People need a friendly reminder not to litter,” she said.

Elke is a smoker, though not proud of it, and she is shocked to see the number of cigarette butts in her favourite area.

“Today I found one beer can, one Tim Hortons cup, napkins, toilet paper and 10 cigarette butts,” she said.

She maintains that the litter isn’t left overs from winter, but new each day.

“Can’t you just take it home?” she asks. “It’s very disrespectful towards people that like to enjoy the outdoors.”

She said the cigarette butts are especially heartless, she worries that birds or fish could mistake them for food.

She also said tossing butts could cause untold harm during fire season.