By Andrea Arnold

McBride Council met for their regular meeting on February 11, 2020. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm By Mayor Runtz. Also present for the meeting were Councillors Diane Smith, Lucille Green, and Allan Frederick. CAO Sheila McCutcheon attended via speaker phone.

Council passed the motion to approve the ECORA Service Contract for $89,650 to complete the Northern Development Strategic Initiatives Trust fund application objectives. This application is in partnership with the McBride

Community Forest Corporation for a Strategic Forest Sector Enhancement and Expansion Plan for Prince George East and the Robson Valley Region.

Council approved the submission of the Emergency Inter-agency Communication System resolution as presented or amended to North Central Local Government Association for the 2020 submission. The resolution stems from the need to have good communication even in areas where cellular service isn’t available. This would allow emergency services to communicate in all areas, allowing a method to directly provide all responders with current information.

Council passed the motion approving the Village for McBride Asset Management Policy as presented or amended, and further, directs Administration to include the policy within the Village’s Policy Manual.

Council passed the motion to receive the Village of McBride Utility Service User Fees History and 2% Recommendation report for information and consideration of utility rate increases for 2020. This would affect both residential and commercial properties.

Council passed three motions, covering Water, Sanitary and Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Service Classifications. Each motion approved a 2% User Fee Rate increase for 2020. Further, Administration was directed by

Council to amend Fees and Charges Bylaw 768.2017 to include these increases. Also, Administration was directed to complete a review of each of these services classifications and rates for future year’s rate setting.

Council passed a motion approving an application for the Lagoon System Cell #1 Replacement Project through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Green Infrastructure – Environmental Quality sub-stream. Council also moved to support the project through its duration and commits to its share of the project costs to a maximum of $250,000. The cell is currently not in use due to a damaged liner.

The public portion of the meeting adjourned at 7:28 pm with no In-Camera portion.