Dear Editor
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who played a part in our recent zone tournament. To the nine teams who competed, thank you for your talent and dedication to the sport. It was truly incredible to watch some of the action on the hardwood over the weekend. To the coaches and support staff for these teams, thank you for all the unpaid hours you sacrifice so that tournaments like this can happen. To the officiating crew, thank you for your professionalism in doing a job that few would volunteer for.
To our sponsors, Best Western, Infinity, IGA, Home Hardware, and IDA. Thank you for your support.
Special thanks to Riette and Dan who took in our officials for the weekend.
Nick Hannah, Dan Lawless, Jody and Stan Keim, Susan Mackenzie, Derrick Shaw, Mrs Beeson, the Junior Boys team, Amanda Cameron, everyone who worked the score table, the community of Valemount. Thank you all for being there.
To the parents and guardians of the players. Thank you for supporting our teams in everything they do. You can be proud.
To my players. Thank you for a great year. You teach me as much or more than I teach you.
To my personal support staff, my family. Much love.
If I have forgotten anyone, my apologies. And my thanks.

Corey Bergen
VSS Timberwolves