Dear Editor,

I just wanted to thank you for bringing attention to the recent Housing Needs Report completed for Valemount, by the article published in the June 9 issue. I wanted to clarify one thing that I felt was a bit misleading – the headline, which stated that ‘Housing Report stresses need for action’. 

I am a housing advocate and have been vocal about housing issues. However, Housing Reports are based on census and housing data, trends, and community engagement to determine the key areas of need. They also make recommendations to reduce the gaps in housing. The report that I prepared with Megan Vicente highlighted municipal tools, however the report is an information based assessment and can’t urge action or suggest the best way forward. Yes, we did share various legislative tools available to local government that are not available to nonprofits, but it was less to urge action and more to share the opportunities and tools available to Village staff should they determine that housing is an issue that the Village should help solve.

The more appropriate headline could have been the one I put at the top of this letter. Everything else about the story you wrote was accurate.


Rashmi Narayan

Valemount, BC