By Andru McCracken

Canada’s leading provider of mortgage default property management services Veranova is setting up shop in Valemount. They are advertising for employees.

Among the qualifications you will need to win the job of field inspector is your own insurance, being comfortable with and adaptable to dealing with ‘distressed properties and debtors.’

The position averages a wage of $27.99 per hour across the province, though the rate of pay isn’t mentioned in the ad, or whether the job has fixed hours.

“Through our national network of inspectors, we offer a full portfolio of reliable, affordable property maintenance services,” reads their website. “Ongoing property maintenance for foreclosed properties.”

Their primary customers are banks and financial institutions.

The field inspector must check homes for occupancy, cut the grass, remove snow, complete minor repairs and clean, and evict residents.

“You would takeover relocated type of properties. Delivery and serving of time sensitive court documents. Door knocks on vehicles in inquiry,” reads the job description.

“As a business, we continuously strive to build strong client relationships based upon our core values of open and honest communication and mutual respect.”