By Laura Keil

The Goat’s photo contest attracted some excellent submissions and we are happy to showcase a number of them in the paper this week.

The grand prize winner is Courtney Rupertus for her photo of her son Saul.

Saul picked a wildflower bouquet while exploring the rocky terrain alongside Kinbasket Lake. This is the grand prize winner of the Goat’s photo contest as judged by the Goat’s staff. See more submissions P9-11 / PHOTO COURTNEY RUPERTUS

In the Nature category, 1st place went to Nick Hunter, 2nd place went to Beth Russell and 3rd place went to Nick Hunter again.

Cinnamon bear with two cubs in our yard in Dome Creek / NICK HUNTER

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In the Silhouette category 1st place went to Beth Russell, 2nd place to Jodie Chadbourn.

A silhouette of a crew member on a Tall Ship, near Savary Island /BETH RUSSELL

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And for Action/Activities, 1st and 2nd place to Beth Russell, 3rd place to Leona Mintz-Marsden.

I can feel the eagerness of these kids to skate, first time this season, on Cranberry Marsh /BETH RUSSELL

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Honorable mentions:

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