By Andru McCracken

McBride Council met at 7 pm on August 13, Mayor Gene Runtz and councillors Lucille Green, Diane Smith, Allan Frederick and Rosemary Hruby were in attendance, as well as CAO Sheila McCutcheon.

During public comments Doug Monroe and Dale Stephens said that accepting staff recommendations would kill their Robson Valley Legacies seniors housing project.

Councillor Lucille Green said “We know the recommendations, we know the fallout.”

Council went ahead and rescinded Zoning Bylaw amendment No 786 and gave first and second reading to Bylaw 788. See full story here.

Council received the McBride Railway Station Conservation Plan for information.

They also received the Village of McBride Cycling Culture Development Plan for information.

Council approved two revisions to the broadband select committee terms of reference, a change in the length of term of committee members to 12-18 months and that the committee would submit a report to council every six months.

The McBride Chamber of Commerce asked the Village to waive the official mark licensing fee of $50 per year for use with a specific graphic created by Dave Marchant. Because some of the t-shirts bearing the mark were sold in a retail store, council decided against waiving the fee.

Council granted the Chamber’s request to use the Steve Kolida Park and close a section of Main Street and Holdway Street for the 100-year anniversary of the McBride Train station.