An airplane pulls a glider into the sky until it can take flight. An onlooker asked how gliders stay aloft, and one of the pilots pointed to his head and said, ‘For the good pilots, it’s all up here.”

By Andru McCracken

For Tyler Paradis, Tuesday was his first flight in the mountains.

On the prairies he flies his glider courtesy of rising thermals. In the mountains he prepared to make his first attempt to gain altitude using a technique called ridge soaring.

“If you fly really close to the ridge, I mean like, a hundred feet over the trees, you can climb all around the edge of the ridge,” said Paradis.

Simon Youens of the Cu Nim Gliding Club based out of Black Diamond, Alberta was in charge of the soaring camp event. He said the rainy weather wasn’t great for soaring. The club had a long history of coming to the area until 2008, then took a break. They’re back, but hoping for better weather next time.

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