Laverne Remmelg is all smiles as she prepares to cut the cake at her surprise retirement party on May 30, 2019. Friends and family gathered to wish her all the best on her new adventure. At the close of this month, Remmelg will have taught for 36 years (her whole career) at McBride Secondary School. /ANDREA ARNOLD

In the summer of 1983, Laverne Remmelg (then Clostio) caught a ride to McBride from Prince George with the new McBride Secondary principal Brian Janson. The Janson’s were looking at real estate and she was checking out McBride. When her summer job ended in August, she landed a position in the high school, found a home to rent and started putting down roots.

Miss C, as she was known, says she doesn’t remember exactly what classes she taught at the start of her teaching career. “I did teach some Home Economics courses,” she said. “I also remember walking out to the Cultural Centre for art classes.”

In 1988, Miss C became Mrs. Remmelg after marrying Hans Remmelg, and the pair continued to reside in McBride. Remmelg taught full-time and went on maternity leave in 1991 and again in 1994. After the birth of their daughter she decided to return part-time.

This past year Remmelg returned to her beginnings teaching Art and Home Economics, (as well as a few other classes), and has decided it is time to retire. At the end of June when summer holidays begin, things may not feel too different for Remmelg, but in the fall when McBride Secondary School fills with staff and students, for the first time in 36 years she will not be among them. Remmelg spent her whole career teaching in the same school. She is sure that she will remain a familiar face in the school as she does intend to be a Teacher Teaching On Call (TTOC).”  She is also looking forward to some travelling opportunities, and dedicating time to hobbies such as painting.

On Thursday May 30, 2019, both current and previous coworkers, friends and family gathered for a small celebration of the occasion. Remmelg was surprised and honored as memories and laughter filled the room. All those present at the event, and many who could not be, wish Remmelg all the best as she begins her next adventure.