By Andru McCracken

The McBride Community Forest Corporation postponed their Annual General Meeting twice; the event is still planned, but the date has not been set yet.

Chief Administrative Officer Sheila McCutcheon said the Annual General Meeting is a priority, but they are holding it in the summer for the first time and it is busier than expected.

“It is just a really busy time for them; it is something to be determined yet,” said McCutcheon.

“It’s better that they are ready to prepare to the shareholder and to the community.”

Len McCarty, owner operator of Midget Mills just beyond the Village limits is one of the people waiting for the meeting. He is livid that the community forest rescheduled twice and now postponed it.

“The general public needs some answers,” said McCarty. “The Community Forest seems to be in disarray. The whole thing doesn’t seem to be adding up to any long term planning. I could be wrong about that.”

What would help him sort it out, said McCarty, is the Annual General Meeting.

McCutcheon said the meeting is extremely important.

“It’s better that they are prepared to present to the shareholder and to the community.”