By Goat Staff

Mayor Owen Torgerson, councillors Hollie Blanchette, Sheri Gee, Donnie MacLean and Pete Pearson met on March 26, 2019 for their regular council meeting. Chief Administrative Officer Wayne Robinson and Corporate Services Clerk Carleena Shepherd were the staff present.

Public Comments

Eugene Jamin made a public comment hoping that the amendments requested to their development permit by Comfort Inn fell within the bylaw.

Presentation from Financial Auditors KPMG
KPMG made a presentation on last year’s financial statements. The total cash assets of the village stand at $12.2 million, with $6.5 million belonging to the Valemount Community Forest. The liabilities are $2.6 million, while the non-financial assets such as infrastructure, buildings, vehicles stand at $13.5 million. The surplus of operations is $1.34 million, with $1.1 from Valemount Community Forest.

Delegation from Robson Valley Community Services (RVCS)
Shona Thorne made a presentation on behalf of her organization. She said RVCS had been successful with a call for proposals for a weekly drop-in centre for specialized child services and wanted to partner with the village for land in principle to build a Child Development Centre by applying to the Childcare BC New Spaces Fund. She said RVCS wouldn’t be in competition with current daycare or Kinnickinnickers Centre.
Support for Valemount Learning Centre. Council agreed to provide a letter of to the Valemount Learning Centre, supporting their provision of the Settlement Assistance Program in Valemount.

Reading File
Councillor Blanchette mentioned the letter received from Rashmi Narayan regarding the charging station, thanking citizens for being engaged in community issues.Mayor Torgerson mentioned the thank you from the Health Centre for restoring the water to clinic within 48 hours after a water line issue in late March.
A letter from CVCA informed council of the inaugural Volunteering in Valemount Awards night on April 13 at the Lion’s Hall.

Request from RVCS for Land for Child Development Centre
Councillors Blanchette and Gee stepped out of the room due to their involvement on the board and as staff for Robson Valley Community Services. Since RVCS had requested the vacant land next to the Clinic, councillor MacLean questioned the appropriateness of the property since it limits the clinic’s capacity to expand and is on tourism corridor. CAO Robinson said that the Child Development Service allows integration with health services and other properties are more expensive. After concerns about the property, both councillors MacLean and Pearson voted to make land available in principle, including the particular lot next to the Clinic.

Charging Station at Centennial Park
Council directed staff to enter into an agreement with BC Hydro on behalf of the Village to install a BC Hydro Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Level 3 on Dogwood Street between 4th and 5th Avenue. (Note: The Level 3 charging station does not charge all electric vehicles.)

Community Initiatives Funds Approved
Council approved the committee’s recommendations to approve the following funds for:
Valemount Sports Day Association for $64,256.91 for beer garden and concession upgrades; Valemount and Area Recreation Development Association (VARDA) for $55,000 for Phase 5 of the Valemount Bike Trails; Canoe Valley Community Association for $8,652.00 for creation of a fenced playground space; Valemount Senior Citizens Housing Society for $8.113.73 for upgrades at the Golden Years Lodge; Valemount Secondary School for $8,500.00 for the Clint and Joanie Marlarchuk Mental Wellness Presentation; Valemount College Society for $29,360 for a program marketing project and Valemount Entertainment Society for $20,366.08 for the purchase of radio satellite receivers/decoders.

Amendment to Comfort Inn’s Development Permit
Pearson felt that sweeping changes to the approved permit were being requested. Council agreed to amend the permit to change the room from shingle to tin but wanted to see more of the front covered in stone stucco, and precast concrete on the siding.

Council’s Strategic Plan
Council adopted the Council Strategic Priorities Planning Document 2019-2022, as presented by the CAO. Council decided on four Strategic Priorities: Communications, Community Health, Fiscal Responsibility and Land Use Planning & Development Support. Each priority had 4-5 initiatives associated with it.

Bylaw Compliance Recognition
Council directed staff to launch a positive Bylaw compliance program to reward citizens who are adhering to certain Village Bylaws while incentive supplies are available to support this program. Snow removal, water restriction compliance, cleared sidewalks and animal control bylaw compliance are examples that would be recognized.

Officers & Employees Bylaw No. 795, 2019
Council adopted this bylaw that allows the CAO and Director of Finance to negotiate and submit proposed leases and contracts respectively to Council for approval.

B&B and Short Term Rental Zoning Bylaw 796, 2019
Council gave first and second reading to this bylaw to amend the R2 Zone by adding Bed and Breakfast as a permitted accessory use, add a clarification and minimum lot size to the Bed and Breakfast regulations, update the Short Term Vacation Rental definition and the permitted use sections in all zones where it is allowed. This follows a rezoning request from Cynthia Piper for 975 Beaven Crescent to operate a Bed & Breakfast.

Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw 798, 2019
Council gave the bylaw 1st and 2nd reading. Following a special council meeting on March 19, 2019 to review major budget items, projects and tax increases, amendments were made to include an additional amount for Air Quality and Street Lighting on Karas Drive, which will be transferred from surplus. The budget also includes a 4% tax increase – 2% for inflation and 2% for reserves.

Building Bylaw 799
The Building Bylaw was given first, second and third reading. It was amended to remain current and compliant with existing provincial building standards.

Council Reports
Blanchette, Pearson and Torgerson attended the Cannabis Open House on March 14. Blanchette and Pearson were disheartened that only 13 people came.
All councillors except Gee attended a Budget meeting on March 19.
Blanchette, MacLean and Pearson attended the parcel tax roll review meeting.
Blanchette informed that the Eldercare Collaborative is looking at a Fall Fair on October 5 and open to hearing what seniors want to see offered.
MacLean attended a Columbia River Treaty Local Government committee meeting in Nelson and read her report on it.
Torgerson and Pearson had a conference call on the VIA Rail Shelter with CAO and VIA Rail staff.
Torgerson attended a Tourism Valemount meeting, went to McBride after an invitation from Gene Runtz on Caribou Planning, and attended Regional District board meetings.

There were no in-camera items at the meeting.