The Rocky Mountain Goat Kid: Spring Break!

Above: Missy Olson taking the “break” a little too seriously and getting some downtime after an ice skating fall. Below L to R: Aurora Fox at the Swift Creek trail viewpoint. The Florian Gasser with kids Wyatt and Mya out sled-skiing on Five Mile ski hill. Isadora and Keslin out Coldfire Creek dog sledding with their uncle and aunt Travis and Courtney Anderson. / SUBMITTED
Above: The Junior Canadian Rangers heading out to do some alpine camping. Below L to R: Harper and her friends enjoying the hot springs. Meghan and Zoe Pawluk hiking Swift Creek Trail with their dogs. Lily-Belle and Brianna Funk drove their own snowmobiles in to the Clemina sledding area.
The Lussier girls (Brooklyn and Rilah) tobogganing and snowmobiling in their backyard while also wearing dresses.

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